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    I just started my first blog today at WP. I had read so many good things about WordPress I wanted to try it out. I basically started out about 2 months ago writing. Just writing short-stories on subjects I like and know a little about. I have dabbled in Affiliate Marketing and find it is a great plan for me to make some extra income and maybe, eventually enough to make a living. Who knows. But I hope to learn from others on WordPress and how they are making things work for them with WordPress.

    I do have one question and am hoping it is possible. I had read that with wordpress, you can actually build a blog that looks more like a website. The one thing about blogging, for me, is the pressure I feel to post every day. Maybe that is not necessary. I might be mistaken as I got confused between wordpress.org and .com. I think the .org is a site where you pay for a blog/site? I can’t afford to pay a dime right now so I will start with the free site. But does that site have a template that looks more like a website?

    Hope this makes sense, thank you in advance for any input/help you might give me:)

    Denise Evans, Sams Valley Oregon

    The blog I need help with is findingamateafter50.wordpress.com.


    We can’t have affiliates or ads on our free blogs here at WordPress.com. You can promote things that you yourself made or wrote like a book. We might inm the future but they’ve been saying that for years now. If there’s a specific affiliate you really want to be a part of, contact support and ask them if it’s okay.

    You can purchase the CSS upgrade to customize your blog to make it more like a website. But you need to know what you’re doing. And you have to pay for it:



    You can promote yourself more on the off-topic forum:




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