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    Maybe I am posting at the wrong place – but i came across this great site that is done up completely in word-press and it is just fascinating how they did it. Check out [irrelevant cash site url removed – Mark] maybe it’s already been posted here, but thought I should share so everyone can see the potential with what wordpress could do.

    Any other great portal sites out there using just wordpress?



    Well these count more than that link you posted:



    Wow – I didn’t realize all these guys used wordpress as well. And what’s up with you taking off the link I found? That was uncalled for.


    linking to any sites, other than personal blogs, not-for-profits, or the developers of wordpress is clearly illegal.


    post a little bit in your blog, and you’ll find it less likely to get your links removed.

    also, to publicize a site, it’s better to hang out at http://wordpress.org/support



    I looked at the site.
    I looked at the source code.
    It did not look like WP.


    look, i’m not defending richard coming in, creating a blog with no posts, and making one post on the forum hawking a website. especially when wp.org has a whole forum for pimping your wordpres based site

    but let’s call a spade a spade. i saw /wp-content/ a dozen times in the source of that page.



    My mistake – I genuinely didn’t see it.


    it’s definately a strange installation. i typically look at the stylesheet first, since there’s a button on the web dev toolbar. ;) but the source of a single post is usually the only iron-clad way to tell.

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