I keep getting asked for some code from my mobile whenever I try to sign in….

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    I don’t actually HAVE a mobile phone. Nor an iPhone/iPad or any of the other mobile devices. I have a PC and a laptop and a landline. No, I am not giving you my landline number for codes that I don’t need to put in. I am happy with how secure my blog is. I don’t need to link it to a non-existent mobile phone.

    How do I stop this problem other than having to go an buy a mobile phone that I don’t want or need just to be able to log in to WP?

    The blog I need help with is whitejaguarlady.wordpress.com.



    Hi there, it sounds like you may have inadvertently activated the optional two-step authentication feature on your account, but when I checked your sembeline account, I don’t see it active.

    Could you please confirm that you’re referring to your sembeline account? If not, which account is it?

    If it is the sembeline account, would you mind letting me know exactly where you’re being prompted to enter a verification code? Could you copy-paste the URL of the page from the browser’s address bar so I can take a look?

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi Kathryn,

    Yes, it is the sembeline account that I’m using. On further inspection I discovered that I can just dismiss is as an “advert” as such, as long as I don’t (or in my case, can’t) sign up for it I’ll be okay.
    It pops up the moment I log in and when I wrote earlier I hadn’t had my third cup of tea yet so I wasn’t properly awake yet.

    I was just about to remove my previous query actually :)

    Thank you for responding so promptly. I am really enjoying WP at the moment and love that I can write to my heart’s content anytime of the day.

    Fantastic site!




    Ah, I’m glad you figured out what was going on, thanks for letting me know! Lovely to hear you’re enjoying WordPress – happy blogging. :-)

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