I keep getting HTTP error when trying to upload pictures

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    I am trying to uplaod pictures. First I got IO error which I understand was my server. That problem fixed, I am now getting HTTP error whenever I try and upload a picture from my hard drive.

    New to this. can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is mybirthdayparty.org.



    Are you using http:// or are you using https:// ?


    What browser and browser version are you using? Is your flash up to date?




    Thanks timethief. I followed the link and changed to https:// and now I am getting ‘IO error’.

    I use google chrome and I have the latest flash upload.

    Any other suggestions? It’s really frustrating because it was working yesterday!


    I have to suggestions – workarounds actually.

    1. Try a different browser temporarily to see if it is just related to Chrome. If the other browser works, you can use it till the problem gets fixed or just mysteriously goes away.

    2. Use the browser uploader. Click the insert image button and then down below the “select” button is a string of text and in that is a link to the “browser uploader.” Click that and see if the non-flash browser uploader works for you.



    “I have to suggestions…” should be “I have two suggestions…”



    Thanks so much!

    I opened my blog in internet explorer and seem to be having no difficulty.


    Hmmm, then possibly a problem between Chrome and WordPress. The thing is since Chrome updates automatically in the background, you never know when it has updated.

    Give it a try again later, or tomorrow, or next week and see what happens. I haven’t seen anyone else complaining of this, so I’m not sure what it could be.

    And you are welcome.

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