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I knew there would be a book deal!

  1. Remember our earlier conversation about the White People blog?

  2. lettershometoyou

    Over-rated blog, over-rated book?

  3. You know, it's not a bad blog. And compared to Lolcats or Jump the Shark, it's a LOT of work. Look at the posts; they take real thought and real insight (admittedly into a shallow topic) and there's a very high wordcount for a blog. I always, always thought they'd get a book deal and I wish them well.

  4. Ah, but will it make their PR go up? :)

    Yep, good for them but I'll say again..I wish I'd thought of it. I think the book is going to be one hot stocking stuffer.

  5. All the blogging and forum posting about the book deal WILL make their PR go up. Another thing white people like: Google.

  6. I left them some idea advice I think it was this (my pc crashes when I try and visit now):

    - midgets
    - cable news
    - John Tesh music
    - the comedy of Bob Saget
    - Role Playing Games (especially massive multiplayer online RPGs)

  7. lettershometoyou

    Like you said once, it's worth a look, but I dunno - it doesn't grab me. It's just me, I guess. But hey: 15+ million visitors, can't argue with that!

  8. There's some clever stuff in there. More than a one trick pony.

    But all bets are off that there'll be plenty of copies in charity shops, very soon.

  9. The people who leave comments on the white people blog are such asses and completely rude towards other similar type blogs. There was a college kids blog similar to the white blog and the comments on the college blogs were so nasty to the college blogger saying how he "copied" the white blog. Like who the hell cares? There are so many copy blogs now with black people, housewives, and every other demographic you can think of.

  10. Book deals are over-rated. When you look at what's offered and do the numbers, most work out to be the equivalent of being paid £2 or so an hour (US$4) unless you have a a major seller on your hands. I'd rather write for nothing but enjoyment than take a piffling amount while making the likes of Amazon richer (they demand more than 50% discount on cover price now).

  11. I congratulated them - good on em I say, but I do have to say I am with Stoney on this one.

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