I like my design, but not how it is laid out…help?

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    I like the design i have chosen for my site, but I want to change a few things:
    I’d like my categories to slide inconspicuously over the bottom. I’d like avatars (Sp?/pictures)of the bloggers who comment to go up along the right side. I’d like my blog views to shorten and I’d like all comments to show up….Is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is snowyriver01.wordpress.com.



    Comments will not show on the front page unless you use the P2 theme, which is designed for that. You won’t like it.

    What do you mean by “blog views?” I don’t see a stats counter. Do you mean you want the whole page shorter? Either set it to display fewer posts per page (Settings->Reading) or use the Read More tag to shorten individual posts on the page


    Put the Recent Comments widget in the sidebar

    You can’t change the way categories are displayed without a solid knowledge of CSS and the paid CSS upgrade. Do you know CSS?


    It might be possible to move the categories to the bottom of the blog, but it would take a good knowledge of CSS and the CSS editing upgrade.

    What do you mean you want the avatars of commenters on the right side? With there comments below the posts on the single post page, or do you want avatars of the commenters to show up in the sidebar?

    What do you mean you want your blog “views” to shorten? Is what you want is a “read more” tag to spit the posts?

    All comments will show on the single post page (the page you get when you click on the comment link or the post title). If what you want is for them to show under the posts on the front main page of the blog, that is not possible.


    Thank you for your comments and help. I want my page to look just like this guy’s:


    Could you still help me?
    Thank you,


    Also I do not have any knowledge of CSS, so am I hooped?
    Thank you.



    My front page has comments, but I think it has a static front (vs home) page.



    Comments cannot be shown on the main post page of a blog. John, your site is not a normal blog since you have basically used pages for everything.

    @snowy, that is a single post page that you get when you click on a post title or the comment link on a post. You have that too.

    To get the recent comments to appear in the sidebar, simply go to appearance > widgets and drag the recent comment widget into your sidebar: http://support.wordpress.com/widgets/recent-comments-widget/ . If you have not yet added any widgets to the sidebar what you are seeing is a sample display. When you add a widget that sample display will go away. Simply drag and drop the other widgets that you want into the sidebar.

    To split posts to show less on your main page with a “read more” link, see this support document: http://support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/ .


    YOU my friend are AMAZING! So VERY helpful. I’ve done the “add more”, now I’ll go see about the widgets. Thank you for taking the time. Love your blog page…..Peace! K
    THANKYOU to everyone for such help with such pro attitudes…!


    You’re welcome and thanks for the compliment. One last note on the more tag: pay attention to the section at the end of the support page on formatting issues.


    Great…I’ll look into that…I’ve lost my “About” Icon that takes one to a mini version of my profile..??


    Nevermind…it’s all done…thanks people!

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