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I like the possibly related links, but ....

  1. I like the possibly related links.
    But how/why would a title saying: Haaretz to US, lets part as friends

    Create the following tags (even with a refresh), is it related to being politically uncorrect?

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * The best9
    * VISIT THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!

  2. If those sites look like sploggers/spam, then you should just click on the "report as spam" button in the admin bar (on top of pages when you are logged in).

  3. If I had Possibly Related Posts on my blog, I would ALWAYS check out the links. If it's porny, report as Mature, if it's spam, report as Spam.

  4. Thank you both, but I would rather not be recorded visiting porn or spam sites of any kind. Is it possible I got labeled as 'mature'? I did have one profanity somewhere, which I removed.
    How can one check to see if they have been labeled mature or in any other undesirable category?

  5. Morris, one would not get labeled mature for inadvertently visiting a mature site; or even if you purposely and regulary visited a mature site. Being tagged as mature is based on content. Consistently writing things which are considered mature, which cussing doesn't fall under. It's more along the lines of images and erotic writing. If you use snapshot, you could preview a site before visiting.

  6. Yes diamondfistwerny, maybe I was not clear.
    If I am attracting links to spam or mature sites as possibly related links.
    Maybe that is because I have been labeled as mature.

    Separately from the above, I do not want to go to these related links and have the possibility that my IP is recorded.

    Well the snapshots, you are very write about, anyway they are rubbish sites, and I would report them as spam if i could do it from the snapshot.

  7. I'm ambivalent about the PossiblyRelated Links, but for other reasons. For instance, I posted something about mothers'/housewives' salary if they were paid for their work, and one of the PRLs was to a conservative site where an Ann Coulter type raved about how misguided is the whole concept of paying housewives and/or stay-at-home moms. Why would I want someone to read my POV and then click right afterwards to read an argument against it? Answer: I don't want it!
    Other PRLs are just plain unrelated.
    I know we can turn this feature off--but is it possible to turn it off for some posts and not others? Also, are there real benefits we get from PRLs, any good reasons to keep them?

  8. The only publicly stated benefit is that if you turn it on, then other bloggers' posts *might* link to your posts. If you have it turned off, then you won't have the chance of getting any traffic from other hosted (non-VIP) blogs.

    There's rumor that having it turned off (if you're not a VIP) prevents your blog from being on the Feature Blogs pages, but that's just a rumor based on observations and nothing directly from staff.

  9. Mature blogs are not on the Possibly Related Links system. Staff have said that.

    Over at they were doing these manually for awhile, and there are instructions there to do it that way. It's more time-consuming, but you have total control. Only thing is; there's no reciprocity.

  10. Well the advantage is someone might click on a link to your post from another web address.

    Now I have a question. I no longer am getting any possible related links, I have NOT disabled the option, I use commonly used words in the titles and in the content. Presumably I am also not showing up on others. How is this possible?

  11. No idea. Why don't you send the question in to staff and share the answer?

  12. I have sent the question - and i will share the answer

  13. Thanks!

  14. My main complaint with the possibly-related links is that it's frustratingly difficult to find just where the hell to turn them off. Why is the setting so well hidden? I didn't even know the setting existed till I hit this thread, and I still don't where the hell it is after scouring the dashboard.

  15. design, then extras, the second little box

  16. i notice sometimes possibly related throws up titles like 'night club - part 1' [actual title] which links back to another post on my blog which does not have that name...sometimes it links to other blogs but the titles are not the same as listed under possibly related...anyone noticing this? seems rather strange

  17. That sounds like a bug. You should probably send WP support an email, so they can help tweak the code.

  18. "design, then extras, the second little box"

    Thank you; I want to repeat this for others looking to turn it off as well.

    I assume the "possibly related links (automatically generated)" are based on your tags used on each post - I only had one page display these "possibly related links" and was the only page I had added tags.

    Removing the tags did not remove the links, unfortunately. I had/have no interest in this feature, so it was important to have at least found this thread.

    WP, please provide users easier access to turning on/off this feature.

    for now, again, if you wish to turn off this feature: go to "design, then extras, the second little box"

  19. It's not based on the tag system; I have posts with no tags, and possibly related posts show up on them.

  20. The problem i'm having with "possibly related links"
    is that most of the time there not even close in
    relation with what I posted...

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