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I like the theme provided by wordpress but...

  1. it is obvious i can't play around with it. and that means i don't have the ability to put up ads on my wordpress blog.

    does anyone have a simliar css to unsleepable by ben gray? so i can put up ads.

    Anyone who knows anything please reply. need help. thanks

  2. Ads and commercialization of a blog are specifically against the terms of service. Blogs get deleted without warning when they're discovered to have ads on them.

    That said, itself runs Google Adsense on our blogs from time to time, but they do not allow user ads at this point. There's vague talk of an ad upgrade in the future, but absolutely no firm date.

  3. okay. that sucks. no ads then. but does anyone here knows how to make one almost similar to what ben gray has on unsleepable?

  4. lets you use Unsleepable. Just select it on your Presentation page.

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