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I logged onto my admin page as per normal, but was unable to see any dashboard.

  1. i cannot see my dashboard

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did the settings change on wordpress to access my dashboard?

  3. Try another web browser or clear your web browser cache, then try again..

    I'm not sure if this will work or not but it cant hurt anything by trying..

    Are you sure that you were signed in?

    If this does not help then please say so..

  4. No, the settings has not changed, as far as I know..

  5. even the interface for posting a new blog post looks different now. I haven't access my blog in months so could there have been a change of settings recently?

  6. Read this :P this may help you!!

  7. Shoplavenderlane, yes it is very possible that settings have changed recently..

  8. Did that article help or do you still need help? :)

  9. Hi i managed to get into my dashboard. Turns out that I need to access it via my blog instead of the usual admin page, if you know what i mean.

    How do i install an instagram badge? I clicked on this and no badges showed up even though I am logged onto my facebook page

  10. No, wordpress.COM doesn't have one!! :P Only self-hosted blogs can add plug-ins.

    You mean an plug-in, right?

    Please correct me if I misunderstood..

    I hope Ive helped..

  11. I watched this video and it said that I am able to get the badges and then do the widget thing on wordpress

  12. Oh.. I know!! Sorry I misunderstood!! :) Instagram has provided its users with a badge whose code can be added to a text widget.

    After you log in to the Instagram website, click on your username and then "Badges" from the drop down menu there. Select your badge and copy only the last part of the code. Paste that into a text widget.

    yourusername? ref=badge" class="ig-b- ig-b-v-24"><img src="//" alt="Instagram" />

    Alternately, you can save the badge you wish to use, upload it to your Media Library and then use it in an Image Widget, linking to your user profile on instagram.

  13. Was that any help?

  14. Opps again..

    <a href="" class="ig-b- ig-b-v-24"><img src="//" alt="Instagram" /></a>

    Sorry for all my mistakes..

  15. sorry, I meant that I am logged onto my instagram account but still no badges showed up.

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