I loose the WYSIWYG editing buttons!

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    Hey guys I was wondering if this has been reported or not- I think it is a bug but it might be something else.

    When I go to write an entry I loose the editing buttons at the top of the box and the ability to resize the box. The only thing I have found that fixes this is to go and delete my cookies in Firefox and close and restart the browser. Most of the time this fixes the problem. But I don’t think it should be happening at all.

    The other thing that has happened to me and one other person that I know of is that after writting and clicking the “publish” button I lost some of the blog entry on the published page… weird. The other person that I know lost the whole blog entry. Any thoughts on this?



    It maybe a bug with TinyMCE. (Gotta admit that it wouldn’t be the first one) That’s an entirely different project I’m afraid.



    I’m getting the same thing. A few days ago it was switching back and forth between WYSIWYG and HTML editrs (for no apparent reason. Now it’s stuck on HTML.

    Any ideas?



    PS. I just exited Firefox, went back into it, and the editing buttons were back.

    Go figure…



    See this FAQ ‘The Editor has gone!’:



    An easier solution is to clear your cache.

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