I lost my home page

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    My template “saphire” showed Home and About
    My About info was on main page and I managed to have it
    on an About page – then attempted to complete the Home
    page. I found some info in the forum about using
    “write” and “page” to enter a post them I get a
    “not found” message when I try to View Home page.
    “you are looking for something that doewn’t exist” if
    I insist.

    What can I do – I thought I would just delete everything
    and start over but I can’t seen to do that either!

    What can I do?
    Fran Civile




    here’s a link to the FAQ entry that explains the difference between a post and a page:

    If you want a static page to be the first thing your readers see, you need to write one (title it whatever you want) and then follow the instructions here:

    If you want your readers to see your most recent post(s) as the first thing, leave the front page display as “recent posts”

    I hope this helps you!

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