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I lost my post after pressing update!

  1. Hi. I just started my site and spent about an hour updating the About page. I highlighted the example text first shown and started typing, effectively overwriting the example text. After about an hour of typing (!) and lots of creative energy being poured into my site, I pressed the update button and, LO!, it somehow refreshed to the original example text! Bye Bye creative juices and motivation. Ah!!! Help! I already looked under the revisions and there is no sign of any of my work. What's the deal? Shouldn't it have kept a revision history? There there any way to retrieve it? Browser cashe? WordPress memory banks? Quantum Time-travel technology. Anything? I'll pay you with my firstborn . . . or cash. Whatever.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nothing helped. For now, as was suggested above, I am going to use an offline editor. I have to take a break now and get some coffee and bang my head with a hammer a few times. Maybe I'll feel better and want to try to recreate an inferior copy of what I lost.

    Thanks anyway.

    If there are any more suggestions, please--do tell.

  3. Thank you raincoaster, by the way. I was a little too frustrated to remember my manners.

    Can't understand why that might happen, but you did mention that it could have something to do with previously updating flash. Actually, I updated flash about 2 minutes before I started writing the post. And Firefox for that matter.

    Pretty crazy glitch. I thought I was being conscientious by clicking update! "just to be safe" I told myself right before blasting my hard work into oblivion.

  4. Look specifically at the part of that thread about Showing Revisions. I didn't even know it could be hidden. Do you have that enabled? Are there revisions there?

    I once worked for six hours on a post and lost the whole thing. I bitched so loud that I like to think I had something to do with the Revision system being put in place.

  5. Lol. Actually, that is the first topic I found when I did a quick search of the help database. There is one revision right before I started writing (with the example "about me" text), then, there is a revision about 1 hour later with the same text. It's like I took an hour coffee break and hit the refresh button.

    Bizarre. I'm feeling a bit calmer now. Just wondering who I should put out a ransom for: Adobe or WordPress (I'm leaning toward Adobe).

  6. I'm thinking the same. But in the meantime, report it to staff. THe more they know about this glitch, the better.

  7. Done. Thank you again.

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