I lost my premium theme

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    Hello everyone, and first of all thanks to read this post, and sorry for my bad english.

    Here is the explanation of my problem:
    On Saturday, I created a blog and bought for it a premium theme called “MODERN NEWS”.
    But after a bug with the header option of the premium theme, and for sure with naivety, I decided to delete my new blog and to create an other one to see if this header problem will still be there.
    I created my new blog, and then when I looked in the premium themes library to find the one I just bought… Surprise: i have to buy it again.
    I thought that each time you buy a theme, this theme is available for more than one blog. In my head, when I deleted my first blog, the theme was inside my wordpress account forever.
    Anyway, it looks like I was wrong.
    Beginner mistake, without any doubt. Stupid also, I agree. Nevertheless I know that there is a 30 days refund period for premium options, and i wanted to know if it was possible to get back, by a way or another, my “MODERN NEWS theme”, without adding 75 dollars more.

    I contacted the wordpress support on Saturday but still no answer. I should wait more or maybe you got a better solution ?

    Thanks for all,




    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    Hi. I’ve just found your support request and sent you a reply.


    Thanks a lot for your quality support :)

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