I lost my username and password!

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    I used wordpress (using its template) to host my websitedotcom about 2 weeks ago, without having an account in wordpress.com before. But, when registered to wordpress.com using the same username as I host my web, suddenly I lost my control on my website. The worst is I lost both my username and password! Even my e-mail address was unknown! How can I get it back? Anyone can help me?


    Self-hosted wordpress blogs are not in anyway connected to wordpress.COM, so setting up an account here would have affect the self-hosted installation.


    For the self-hosted blog, go to http://wordpress.ORG (which is where they are supported) and search in the documentation for “recover a username” or “recover a password.” You will have to go into the database through your hosting control panel and get the username. Resetting the password is a little more involved, but it isn’t that hard.

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