I Lost Pagerank and Visits Stopped in stats but not in amung.us

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    It solved teh redirecting problem, bu i saw my pagerank is 0 whan i had 3 of pagerank, i seek in a pagerank checker and crystaldream.wordpress.com has 3 while elbloghd.com has 0 of PR, and if i search my url 8elbloghd.com) in Google, it doesnt appears.

    It will appear in google someday?
    How can i restore my pagerank?
    Why my visitors of today stopped (it stopped in 2082) when im recievin live visits according amung.us?
    Why i lost my backlinks?
    Is all this normal whn i buy a doman with 15 credits?

    The blog I need help with is elbloghd.com.



    As far as Google is concerned, that is a brand new blog. It will take time for Google to figure out that this and your old URL are the same blog. Be patient.

    As for your stats question, just look around the forum. Lots of people are reporting that problem:

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