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I Love Jesus Christ. Do you?

  1. RE: lettershometoyou YES. REPAINT...

  2. darkdaughter11

    I love Jesus Christ!!!

  3. lettershometoyou

    I think our car needs repainting.

  4. Lemme guess!
    Your car is... WHITE.

  5. lettershometoyou

    Nope. Red! But the sun has faded it a lot. Thing is 14 years old already.

  6. ...Today is AMAZING DAY! SUNDAY!

  7. I love Sundays do you?!

  8. I don't love Jesus but the people next door keep telling me that he loves me. That just seems a bit pervy.

  9. fabulousatfifty

    Jesus went about it in totally the wrong way, I blame his manager...

  10. lettershometoyou

    You can't blame it on bad marketing, anyway. Ever watched a televangelist who didn't beg for money?

  11. I am a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. I want to serve God to the best of my ability, however, I know sometimes fail to serve Jesus whoely as he deserves. God has convict me on many areas for my life that needs to be cleanse, so I can be better serve to Jesus and others. I faults areas in life I need take control of so I can I better servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is a light in a dark word. I will love God incarnate Jesus Christ despite of my failures and shortcomings. I will hold accountable for my actions at the Judgement Seat of Jesus. I am saved by grace. I thank Jesus for my salvation. Being a god christian take God,s help and good loving true Christians. God loves people even when they do stupid,or talk negeative about others and ourselves. I wish society will be less selfish, violent and loving others more. I am inspire by Jesus,s teachings he does hate ,or violence towardsothers. We have free will. God will never force people worship. He is a just God and he gave justice for innocents in this life-time ,or in the afterlife. Good night bloggers. May God bless you all.

  12. thank you queendenise36 May God Bless You Too!

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