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i love poetry, i love to read it , write it, share with me please.

  1. i love to write poetry, some times life is what it is, sometimes its sad, so i write when the urge hits me, i want to read some poetry written by others, hoping some will share with me, i set up two blog thingy's, lol, under one account, one is a poetry one and stuff and the other is a venting one and such.

    i'm looking to read your poetry, and your vents, i'm new here, both parts of my blogs will grow slowly, i'm finally figuring things out and having fun, plus i'm very busy.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check the Poetry tag:

  3. hollythestrange

    I've written a few poems and posted them, but they're really bad. There's a few links on my blog to a blog that's full of good poetry.
    (or just search FatesJokeAndOtherThings)

  4. Keep an eye on my page i will be adding my poetry. Very soon. One there now.

  5. i haven't been up on here lately but here you go check it out and i'll check out yours

  6. jammedthoughts

    I love poetry too. It's so personal, so passionate, so downright gorgeous...
    I suggest checking out this website
    I'll also be posting some poem bits on my blog in the future, so if you want to then check it out.

  7. I just posted one of my poems in my blog today :]

  8. Hi

    this is my favorite site for short love poems

  9. I'm a big fan of lyric, epic, tragic and comic poetry. Ever read any of the Ancient Greek comic poets?

  10. I try to keep my poetry positive for the most part...I love rhyme but have been trying my hand at free verse.I love poets and people who enjoy poetry.

  11. I think though that writing altogether can be deemed poetic. There does be a lot of good poetry used in journalism and such.

  12. I enjoy spoken word poetry, and I myself have infact performed some of my own spoken word

  13. hollythestrange

    Well here's my bad poetry. You really don't want to read it!

  14. infertileblossom

    Hello There!
    Poetry is a huge inspiration for me as well. I will be adding some of poetry here in the next couple of days. Bare with me though. I am still trying to figure this whole thing out. I'll let you know when it's up. :)

  15. Hey! Although i didn't intend to make my blog a poetry blog, poetry seems like the most natural way of expressing myself. Do check it out, and give me your comments.

  16. would love to share some poetry with you
    have to ask, whose your favourite poet?

  17. flowerhorsepress

    oh poetry is some of my favorite stuff too. li po, basho, neruda, whitman, bukowski, rimbaud - i just started blogging the other day, and chose to focus mainly on poetry as well, telling a little of the history of the poem, the girl it was about, or the city it was written in. fun as hell so far!

  18. I don't know if anyone's poetry is ever really bad...I mean we all have different ideas of what poetry should be even though there are "rules" which govern the way it "should" be. Anyway, poetry isn't really for other people, so I say just write and enjoy it! If you like it then that's good enough:-)

  19. heyy.....i hav recently published my frst poem ere....
    lemme noe hw u find it...... :)
    P.S. : plz do go thru it!

  20. srry 4got to mention....

  21. I'm blogging heavily about poetry--and publishing lots of work, particularly theme related--Miriam's well (

  22. It makes me really happy to see so many people interested in poetry. I chose to use a blog to get my poems out there and was suprised by how many people who are also using this medium. I love reading poetry: T.S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson and my two favorite poets, but I also love to listen to music that contains such beautiful poetry as well:I usually put a quote of a beautiful lyric that i like on my blog. I am uploading alot of my poetry, and am hoping to engage in dialogue with others interested in it. Please check out what I have uploaded so far and join my blog, and I look forward to reading everybody who has also posted poetry.

  23. I love to write poetry too... Mine are mainly "little ditties" though, please feel free to check them out x

  24. check it out if you'd like to. i will post more because i have tons! i just have to find them so i can put them in my poetry page. xoxo

  25. Hey, I've put some of my poems that I've written in my blog. My newest post is actually about visual poetry. But I'll post one here for you too:

    Children’s laughter in a bottle aging like fine wine.
    To drink it in reveals spirits and images unseen by adult minds.
    Tears of crows feet fall onto the pacifier of time.
    Sucking the imagination out of beings of every kind.

    Dead skin peels back to reveal pink songs of youth,
    forgotten behind time’s painting of seasons.
    Carefree thoughts, Christmas lists, and messy fingers, trapped
    within nuclei of worry and doubt seep from each new lesion.

  26. monikathornton

    feel free to have a nosey on my blog, mix of poems and short stories, cheers x

  27. Here is a poetic introduction I wrote up for the new blog:

    Unfortunately I do not have anything terribly wise or witty up yet, I’m still new. I do have allot of stuff I hope to publish, so I will not post online as of yet, but I will continue to write original works for this blog if there is anyone who responds after a trial run.

    I would love to discuss writing further with anyone on my or your blog.


    Writing allot lately and thought wordpress would be a fantastic place to talk about the possibilities of writing, writers, and beyond.

    Are you out there?

    I would love to see writers post, discuss, subscribe, and guide one another through the steps of developing a career as a writer, anything and everything from publishing to creative process.

    Any favorite authors, literary news, or books?


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