I love this theme ‘Fauna’ – please make it support widgets

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    If you aren’t too busy, I’ll beg you to please update the theme ‘Fauna’ to support widgets. :-)

    Detail : http://www.noscope.com/fauna/

    Thankyou, Wee

    P.S. Sorry, if my message looks impolite, because I’m Thai.



    alas, I can’t see ‘Fauna 1.0 Final’ available for download on Joen’s site yet.

    for what it worth, judging by that even the Sandbox theme hasn’t got upgraded up to the latest (compat. w/ WP 2.3) version yet, I wouldn’t hold my breath about Fauna as well (though, gotta admit I’d love to).

    btw, you’ve sticked right tags for this thread, e.g. Fauna

    or you may also want to jump directly to: “Fauna Beta 5 update” at June, 2006

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