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I Love Whiskers!

  1. alifebewhiskered

    I mean real attached whiskers, not 'Whiskers' the cat food brand.

    My blog, <i>'A Life Bewhiskered: Observations of a cat owner'</i> is a collection of stories, photographs, cartoons and short films inspired by my life with cats. The stars of the show are:

    <b>Spock</b> - a brave, cheeky, clever, chatty, handsome tabby.

    <b>Zé</b> - a gentle, sweet, confused, cuddly, dim-witted, beautiful colour-point.

    My blog is very visual with lots of photos. Please come to have a look. Even if you're not a crazy cat person, you may just enjoy it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. alifebewhiskered

    Oooops, looks like I did the code wrong for the bold/italics - never mind, you can all see what I was trying to do there!

  3. alifebewhiskered

    Thank you :)

    Yes, do please check out my video and let me know what you think.

  4. alifebewhiskered

  5. alifebewhiskered

    An Exciting Archaeological Discovery.

    ...Well, exciting to a cat!

  6. alifebewhiskered

    I posted two 'artsy' photos recently. I put more thought and effort into the composition of these two. I will, no doubt, be back to the silly photos soon!

    Please have a look and tell me what you think.

  7. alifebewhiskered

    New video uploaded today. Roach Hunter starring Super Spock!

  8. You're video was really well done. The music worked so well with the action. Thumbs up!

  9. alifebewhiskered

    Thank you so much. I felt like I was just making the films to amuse myself, so it's been a really nice surprise to find that other people are enjoying them too.

  10. alifebewhiskered

    Today I posted a photo of Spock and myself (it's one of my favorites, in fact) along with a quote that I think is both beautiful and true.

  11. alifebewhiskered

    Photos of Spock, the magpie, the hunter-gatherer.

  12. alifebewhiskered

    Zé and his foot fetish (also a 'then and now' Zé size comparison photo):

  13. alifebewhiskered

  14. alifebewhiskered

  15. alifebewhiskered

    The long-awaited part 2. of Zen Master Zé’s ‘Yoga for Cats’ course is finally here!

    Spock has been practicing really hard since part 1. was published back in December. Do you think he's improved?

  16. It's a funny post. I liked it. :)

  17. aww too cute!

    I saw recently on YouTube that you can toilet train kitties to use the actual toilet and flush! Never knew cats were that smart!

  18. alifebewhiskered

    Hi timethief, thank you.

    noirciplume - I've seen videos of that but I've never had the inclination to try and train any of mine to do it. I don't think I'd have the patience.

  19. alifebewhiskered

  20. alifebewhiskered

  21. alifebewhiskered

  22. alifebewhiskered

    What a palava! Post-neutering mayhem - it's not so straight forward this time:

    A bit of a serious post but there are some very cute and funny pictures too (I won't say what of - it's a surprise!)

  23. alifebewhiskered

    Nearly back to normal - our stress levels are much lower now and both cats are much, much happier today!

    To illustrate, here's a photo of Zé chilling out this morning:

  24. alifebewhiskered

    Spock and Zé speak out about the recent events:

  25. alifebewhiskered

    My recent posts.

    A sneak attack (Spock really didn't see that coming!):

    ID cards for the Iinternational Union of Cats:

    I can speak cat (well, one word!):

    Are my cats part Bengal? (Gorgeous Zé photos)

  26. alifebewhiskered

  27. alifebewhiskered

    Spock Cartoon: The cat alarm clock - Early mornings & sleep deprivation. Does anyone know where the snooze button is on that model?

  28. alifebewhiskered

    In recent news...

    My Spock-induced sleep deprivation had me making some strange crafts:

    I entered a mini-film competition. The film's in Portuguese but there is a translation below the video player on this post:

    I took this cool and unusual photo of Spock:

    And today...I just made my first ever Cinemagraph:

    What do you think? Do you like it?

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