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I made a big mess :-(

  1. waynecountylandofstupid

    I made a big mess. I now have two blogs with the same name. One of them is empty. One of them has stuff in it. I want the empty one gone. How do I do this? It keeps warning me about getting rid of the blog I want to keep! and the other one won't go away!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. livingwithoutlovedones

    wow, that was FAST!! I haven't even gotten an answer yet, and somebody fixed it!

    MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was this smart about computers, but unfortunately, I am not. But I do appreciate all that you share. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  3. fateenproductions

    hi there i had 4 so its fine all you have to do is on the right had corner your username is there hover over it then select the the one you want to delete then go to the dashboard on the left had side hover over tools it should give a option to delete the blog click that and you should get a email to delete the blog do that and your done if you more info contact me on [email redacted] and check out my blog

  4. ^What?

  5. waynecountylandofstupid

    Somebody please help me clean up this mess. I now have 4 (4!!!) blogs. I am trying to clean up and get rid of blogs that I don't use. however, they seem to be "linked." I tried "unlinking" them to different emails, but they are still "linked," and if I try deleting one it wants to delete them all.

    I tried contacting the support link but it just keeps bringing me back here.

    These blogs I want to keep: Wayne County Land of Stupid AND Glimpses of the Good. I am trying to get rid of BIG MISTAKE. There are 2 because when I tried to move it from Glimpses, it re-created itself.

    I have no clue what I am doing. Can someone just go in there and delete the ones called Big Mistake and leave Glimpses and Wayne County alone? Please? I will make them all public so you can go in there without a problem.

    I don't even know what the passwords are anymore, because everything is all mucked up. :-(

    Thank God I was smart enough to keep my information blog, History of the Ancients, separate. I don't know how I did that, but I am glad I did.

  6. I tried contacting the support link ....

    Patience is a virtue.

    This is a holiday. There is only limited staff.

  7. waynecountylandofstupid

    fateen, none of that worked because of some kind of link. If I deleted the one, it wanted to delete them all.

  8. Clicking the link " "
    shows: is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

  9. waynecountylandofstupid

    I can still see it, though. How do I get rid of it on the list? And the "Big mistake" site that shows up when I log in?

    I'm so dumb about these things, sorry! :-(

  10. I wonder if you are having a browser problem. Try clearing cookies and cache:

  11. One other thing: Can you access the dashboard of that blog?

  12. waynecountylandofstupid

    Oh, yeah, I cleaned the cookies and it was gone, all right--and so was the one I wanted to keep!!!!!

  13. is still there and live. Is that the one you mean?

  14. waynecountylandofstupid

    That one is still there, untouched. Glimpses I just spent the entire day rebuilding. The two Big Mistakes are still there, empty, and I can't find a way to get rid of them. I clicked on "hide", but they still show up. There is nothing in them, though, and there won't be,

    When I cleared the cache and the cookies, WordPress wouldn't work until I turned cookies back on. Then Glimpses was gone. I don't know what happened to it. Since that is the one I want, I rebuilt it, but it took all day. . . Maybe tomorrow someone from wordpress can get rid of the two Big Mistake blogs. They are not really blogs, they somehow got created (and cloned) when I tried to un-link Glimpses from Wayne County. I don't understand what I did wrong or why it's so hard to do that. :-(

  15. waynecountylandofstupid

    I can enter the dashboard of all 4 blogs, the two I want to keep as well as the two I don't want.

  16. fateenproductions

    Yh your still going to see them that's same with mine but when you open them up it will say the admin has closed the web page if you would like I can send you step by step images on how to do it via email because its kind of hard to tell it like this but that's you choice

  17. waynecountylandofstupid

    No, I think I "hid" them. They show up, like you said, but at least they are not in my list. They are empty, so hopefully Admin will close them.

    Thanks so much for all your help. I think I could have avoided all this if I opened each blog under a separate email. Right now I have all the blogs I can handle (!!) but if the time comes that I need another, I will use a separate email so the don't get 'linked" together under the same user name and all that.

    Fateen, you really did help me a lot. I'll keep your email handy in case I make another mess!!! (but I hope I learned from this one so that is less likely. . . )

    Thanks, everyone!

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