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I mapped my domain to the wrong blog, can I swap it?

  1. toproomproductions

    Hi there. I have two wordpress blogs: and and I have the domain '' and wanted to map that to ' but I accidentally mapped it to '' - Is there a simple way for me to swap it to the intended blog.

    I was going to delete domain and reattach it to the intended one but it said that I would have to wait 60 days before I was able to remap it.

    Any suggestions.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Write staff an email. Support just might be able to help you...

  3. That's [email redacted]

  4. the 60 day wait is to move the domain name registration to another registrar - you can change the mapping of your domain name to as many different base sites / bogs as you want (a domain name can only be mapped to one base blog at a time) - when I was doing some testing I mapped a domain that was only a week old 4 different times in about a week (would have been faster but it takes a while for the changes to reach the far corners of the internet.)

    You could change the mapping yourself but would need to pay a second time - if you get the staff to help should save you a few dollars - the staff here are quite helpful (a bit overworked but very helpful).

  5. toproomproductions

    Thanks guys. I've emailed the support team.

    @auxclass, are you saying that if I 'delete' the domain from the blog then I can simply add it to my other blog straight away?!
    Before I confirm the delet it says: "You will have to purchase the domain mapping upgrade to map this domain to your blog again."
    I don't want to have to pay the $12 again to do this.

    Thanks again for the help though guys.

  6. Yes you can change it straight away - but yes the extra $ 12- then a hassle for the refund (can't remember the exact terms for mapping refunds) - but the staff has moved the domain mapping for others with no extra charges - this thread has also been flagged for staff attention and the staff does monitor the forums -

    If it was me - I would probably put a Post on the top of the front page with a note sending people to the correct site then wait for the staff to adjust the mapping -

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