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    Im Christina Acevedo, from Puerto Rico, so if my english is not that good, please excuse me. I work for a educational program, which integrates technology on the curriculum of 48 schools on the island. We are at the beginning of a new project called TecnoSpot. After school hours, the kids will have the opportunity of participating on the project, which provides them with activities and technology knowledge.

    As part of the project, each school (only 9 at this first phase) will have a blog. We as the administration of the project will have access to those blogs, so I’ll need to create 9 blogs with the same email.

    I write to you asking for permission to do this, because I didn’t know that could be reported as spam on blogger.com and the next day after creating the blogs, they blocked the accounts because of ‘spam’. We already began with the project, so I need you to tell me if I can do that, to have 9 accounts with the same email address, or an idea of how to have control of the blogs (moderate comments, etc).

    Thanks for any help you have;

    -Christina Acevedo



    You are more than welcome.
    Register a blog then activate it.
    Then go to http://wordpress.com and register the others you need.

    I emailed you back from your support email but yahoo didn’t let it through for some reason.
    Do you have another email address you could use?

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