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I need a few ways to get some traffic ???

  1. Well I just started a new blog (click on my name, it's about tech and games) and I've done some crazy things to get some new people and I do realize that If I'm patient and I slowly share it, it will start to get more views. But I would like to speed up the process and that's where I need more help. Teach me a few ways to help your blog get into the spotlight. Thanks in advance for all answers. Even if they don't help me I'm sure they'll help somebody else.

  2. Here you go this article will explain some ways to gain traffic
    Teck~Line » How to discover your blogging voice

    You will find other articles centered around gaining traffic
    from the article I posted a link too above.

  3. wow that was faster than I thought. I was gonna wait until tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

  4. your welcome!!!

  5. There are also a lot of very good articles on how to increase traffic over at

  6. Post on here...

  7. Post in the Off Topic part of the forum if you do decide to post just for traffic, though its best to just goto the sites listed above.

  8. Is there a place to talk about fitness on wordpress?


  9. @rbfitnessnow,

    you can talk about it in the Off Topic Section.

  10. On your blog if you have one here at wordpress.COM. There are no open forums for general stuff.

  11. Try the Thropplenoggin approach called Thropplebloggin ' - it really works!

  12. Dude, when you spam the forum, however good the article please let people know in advance that it's you. And don't do it three times in a row!

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