I need a Happiness Engineer!

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    To cut a long story short, I’ve had a really difficult time with little niggling problems on the blog. One of which was not being able to create a line space between a video and the text underneath it. Eventually I was told that I need to use a non-breaking space [& n b s p – spaces added].

    I said to the Happiness Engineer (I think it was anyway) that I used to use them on ebay until I found out that on some people’s screens they did not show up as a hard space but as & n b s p.

    He said oh well they might have done that on ebay, but that doesn’t happen on WordPress.

    Would you believe I’ve just tried to use one on my latest post and guess how it shows up?

    Yes, that’s right.

    Please can someone help me out here as it is extremely frustrating to have suffered so much stress over the problem of not being able to put a simple line space between a vid and some text and it does look pretty awful that way.


    The blog I need help with is truthinreality.com.


    No need to fret. Try the “Good Ole’ Movie/TV Captioning Cop-out Workaround” – use a fullstop/period (.) or asterisk (*) in place of your required linespace. Then ‘colour’ it the same as your background (which is easy enough since your blog’s background colour is white anyway). In doing that, your readers will be none the wiser and visually there is a linespace.

    For example (textually):

    . <– change this period to your background colour
    . <– change this period to your background colour

    What happens on other sites like eBay, etc, are a completely different ballgame. On WordPress, we need to think ‘worpdress.’

    Hope this helps. Good luck.



    Thank you.

    I ought to have thought of that myself as I do exactly that on my ebay template.

    Oh well… with the stress of modern day living one can get in a spin….


    That’s all right. I know how you feel.

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