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I need a thread or group or blog where access is very controlled

  1. There is a smallish group of [other site] folks--current members, former members etc. who need a safe place to process their treatment and experiences on that forum.

    The primary purpose is not to blackwash that site or it's founder but to have a safe place to process the emotions etc. without risking their membership there--for those still members.

    So, would it be possible under my current WordPress blog or should I set up an entirely new one. And what control of membership options are available for such a situation? We'd want it membership by invitation only.
    Blog url:

  2. You can set up a private blog and then you can ask users to register at and, once they have accounts, (or if they do already), you can add them to the access list at Settings > Privacy in your dashboard via their username.


    Thanks for your kind and helpful reply.

    God's best to you and those you love this month.

  4. I have the impression from your reply, Hanni,

    That I need to start a new blog at in order to have it private.

    Is that correct?

    Or can I have a section of my current blog private?

  5. It might be easier to start a separate private blog for your private sections, but can make select posts and pages private following these guides:

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