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I need an actual person to help me

  1. Why can't I contact an actual person? I'm trying to request that someone transfer my email subscribers since I have moved my blog to a blog on an external host. I'm moving in circles; every time I try to contact support I get sent here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why do you assume we are not real human beings? I assure you that we are not zombies!

    Staff transfer email subscribers here every day after those who request that post both URLs involved into a forum thread like this one, provided have installed and activated the JetPack plugin.

    Have you installed an activated It?
    What are the two URLs?

  3. Thanks; I posted the first request on the forum a couple of days ago and nothing happened. Was just frustrated. I'm glad you're on the case! Yes, I've activated JetPack. The former url is and the new one is I appreciate your help.

  4. You're welcome and not to worry. Though there are many issues to resolve and Staff are working very hard to assist, they will get to this thread as soon as they can.

  5. @manyulim: I've moved your email subscribers from to as per your request.

  6. Extremely awesome, jenia! Thank you so much.

  7. You are welcome!

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