I need email subscriptions to two different email addresses

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    I have two active blogs and one blog which is currently dormant. All three are subscribed for email notification to me so that I can see what my subscribers see when they are notified of a post. But: they are all three subscribed to the same email address. That address is fine for two of them, they are associated with that email address under Settings| General Settings. But it is not O.K for the third. That blog is associated with a different email address under Settings| General Settings, and that is the email address to which I want the subscription set and the notifications sent. In the new Subscription Management page, there is no place to specify a specific address for a specific blog?

    How can I get this done, so that the email notification for the third blog goes to the proper email address?


    On that blog, go to the stats page and click on the “subscriptions” tab in the “general” section (typically lower left. Click on the “active” link and you can then delete your email subscription.

    Next, log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and go to the blog you want the other email address on. Sign up for the subscription and then verify it in the email you will receive.


    Sorry, you have lost me.

    On the Dashboard, the only “stats page” I see is “Site Stats”, Referrers, Top Posts and Pages, etc. There is no “subscriptions” tab.

    In “General” under Settings, I see nothing about subscriptions.

    Nowhere do I see anything named ” ‘active link’ “.

    Sorry to be a pain, but this is very important to me.



    Hi. It looks like you are confusing Settings > General with Site Stats > General > Subscriptions.

    You should see General, Referrers, Search Engine Terms, etc. It’s General that includes four tabs: Totals, Subscriptions, Shares and Spam.

    Do you see it now?


    O.K., I got where I needed to get. I did find what you very accurately described in your second response, I went through the process of removing cookies, empty cache, etc; close out of WP and the browser. Then open the browser and WP to the correct blog, but still I could not get the unique email address for that blog.

    So, what to do? The very same thing I did with Publicize for Facebook and Twitter: kill it. I put the email button on blog. Click it and it asks for an email address. I put in the correct address in my latest post and bingo, it arrived where I wanted it in about 20 seconds.

    In the end, this is easier for me. Even if I got the thing to work they way you described, it would mean doing this in three different browsers on five computers. Egad, too much work. Much easier to send the email manually.

    Thank you very very much.



    It’s the difference between doing something longer every time and doing something slicker once.


    Well, here is the kicker. In each case, now with no subscriptions set for the bogs, I went to all three, even the dormant blog in case I use it again, I put the email button on each one. I went to the latest post, clicked on the button. It asked for an email address. I sent the post to each one in turn. When the email arrived, it asked if I wanted to subscribe, gave me a link, and I went through that process. I then went back to Stats and checked subscriptions as “airodyssey” had directed. Each blog had the correct subscription.

    Now, I am looking to a post on each of the two active blogs to see what will happen. If it works the way it looks, it will also be automatic and “slick”.

    I will come back here and report.


    O.K., I can now report complete success. I did a bunch of posts in each of my two active blogs.

    In one blog, I was using the computer where that mail should arrive and had that email client open. I heard them pop in one at a time as I finished the posts.

    For the other blog, I needed to be on another computer, because of the email address. I left that email client not open. I did the posts. Then, I waited a bit and opened the email client on that machine. all of the notifications popped in. It was great.

    I was only on specific computers to run this test. Often, I do this work while in another location, I expect the results to be the same. I will come back to this location, open the email clients, and, I suspect, everything will pop.

    I at this point pushed no buttons. Everything was automatic, “slick”.

    So, hey, WordPress is even more powerful with resources than we thjought.

    Thanks for all of then help.

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