I need fast help!!!! I don’t want my blog info to be copied from other people!!!

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    I need fast help!!!! I don’t want my blog info to be copied from other people!!!

    Since I got lots of spams from people and how I’ve noticed people always copying my blog materials without any permission, I feel so sad. Can someone help me to have an option which I can make my blog words cannot be selected by highlighting the information and right clicking the option “copy”? So as to prevent people try copying my blog and post everyday. I really need help with this, are there any programs or systems that are available in wordpress? I want system or programs that help me not letting other people to copy my hard work since people don’t obey my policy.

    The blog I need help with is perfectionistgal.wordpress.com.



    There are extensions for the Firefox browser which override any right-click block.
    If it can be seen it can be copied.
    It’s just how it is.



    So do you mean only firefox could not work? Sorry, I don’t get what you mean. I’m not sure what can I do to make other people not to copy my info from blog since I’ve seen some blogs do the same too, they won’t let people to copy the words from blog. It’s also a wordpress blog too and I disagree it is how it is since other people who owns wordpress also got this function too, I need help for it and to get a way.




    Read this to know what to do: http://support.wordpress.com/content-theft-what-to-do/
    And read this to prevent further content theft: http://support.wordpress.com/prevent-content-theft/

    I hope I helped,
    Good luck.

    Lora @ http://lorawow.wordpress.com/



    @perfectionistgal- Mark is entirely correct. If it’s been published, it can be copied and there are many threads on this topic in the forums. Read some of the threads under the tags I just added here in the sidebar.

    /@lorawow- There is a place in the off topic forum to promote your blog. Since you are so new here, you may not know that it’s considered impolite to put a sigline in your forum replies. Just sayin’ in a friendly way…

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