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I Need FTP Into My Blog

  1. I am new to wordpress and just got my blog up at how can I get into my blog with my FTP client, I need to upload some stuff. The point is how do I get the FTP credentials : hostname (is it my blog address), username (i tried my username) and password (i tried my password). Any hints, by the way, what is the limit on space. It is quite urgent.

    Kind Regards.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you cant get ftp on i dont thing.

  3. that link doesnt go to a either!

  4. blog*

  5. The blog you referenced redirects to a forum page. We need a link to the blog you are talking about.

  6. I've got the same problem. I just started a blog and need to know the host username pass thingy etc.

  7. @ danikfnxbai, we need a link to the blog, but it sounds like you are in the wrong forum.

  8. The blog is
    thanks guys.

  9. WordPress.COM does not allow FTP access.

    You have 3gb of space free where you can upload images and certain file types, which is covered in the following support document. The space upgrades allow not only more space, but more file types to be uploaded.

  10. If no FTP, then is there a way to get to and download my media files from my blog, without doing them one at a time?

  11. It is one at a time if all you want is to backup your images.

    I save each of my uploads to a folder on my computer before uploading them so that I always have a copy of them.

  12. I have the same problem. How'd I change my theme if I don't have FTP, etc?

  13. @afghancorner
    At, you have some 70 or so themes to chose from, under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. NO external themes are possible. You can also purchase a CSS Upgrade which allows you to style existing themes and change them considerably from how they look originally.

  14. Make sure to check out the following support page. It should assist you in learning the differences between and a self-hosted blog:

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