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  1. I feel stupid, I can't even ask for help right. I really want to blog, but I can't even find a blog I follow because it says I don't have the right URL. I checked it. I did put down the right one, I'm sure of it. I can't even post right on the forum. I forgot the title, now I have to type all over again! I really need some support here. Am I getting a person. or a machine like Google? All I want to do is blog. Just because I can't pay doesn't mean I'm not worthy of help, OK? I'm not going back to Blogger. I really need guidance. I want to keep blogging, But I'm sick of all these error messages. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To find forum threads that you have started or posted in, at the top of the forum click on your username where it says, "Welcome, Username" and it will bring up your forum history for you.

    This is the site linked to your username:

    Is that the site you are trying to blog on?

  3. You have posts on that blog I referenced above from today which means you have been posting.

    If you are talking about a different blog, please give use the URL. You have given us little to go on really.

  4. @maixv: if you are just getting started with, we recommend that you go through the following guide that covers the most popular features of our service, with plenty of videos:

  5. Thanks so much, everybody. I'm sorry I've been a pain in the fanny, so to speak. I really should look at the tutorials before "going ballistic" allover WordPress. I'll also remember to check out which forum topic to post next time. I'm really new here, and it shows. Thanks again for everything.

  6. but I can't even find a blog I follow because it says I don't have the right URL.

    Are you putting the entire url link starting with http? Links won't work unless you post the entire url link, such as your entire url link

  7. I guess I wasn't clear; sorry. I was trying to add a blog to the list of those I follow, and I thought I had the right URL. I did remember to add the http:// , though I keep forgetting where the colon and slashes go. I know that the blog I'm trying to follow is a wordpress blog, but it may be because it's different from mine, that is, not free. I don't know. I thought I had the right address for it, but it keeps saying the URL is wrong. I think this blog admin may also have a WordPress website different or other than his blog, I don't know. I'm still getting used to all this. Any advice is very much appreciated. I did watch a tutorial video, but it kept "pausing. Not sure if it's my computer or not. Still was a big help, though. Thanks again.

  8. @maixv: do you know what is the URL of the blog you follow and would like to subscribe to? Could you paste it in here, so we can check?

    The videos may "get stuck" because of your internet connection speed (if it's too slow).

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