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I need help about WordPress Themes

  1. To All:

    I'm a newbie when it comes to wordpress. I'm having a hard time changing my wordpress theme/template. I wanted to change my wordpress appearance by changing its theme/template. But as what I've said, I'm having a hard time doing that.

    In blogger = it is easy to change its template because they have what you called "upload" button. After I've downloaded a blogger template... I can browse its file and upload it using the "upload button".

    In wordpress = I'm quite confused. I don't know what to do to change my WP template/theme.

    Please help me regarding my problem. Kindly post the specific steps on how I can change my WP appearance. (including the FTP and other stuffs related on how I can change my WP theme/template. ) Thanks.

  2. We need a link to your blog to start. And please read the two stickies at the top of the forums.

  3. What do you mean by "we need a link to your blog to start"? Anyway, here's the URL/link of my newly created WP:

    I'm currently exploring the FireZilla(FTP) and I hope you can also help me about this FTP thing. I've tried to put all the details that are needed to connect the FTP to my WP but after I've clicked the CONNECT button, FireZilla displayed this message "ERROR: Unable to Connect!". Thanks.

  4. If you read the stickies at the top, you would understand WHY we need a link to your blog. We are mostly volunteers in the forum and we get a lot of posters who are NOT hosted here and who do not understand the differences between wordpress.ORG and wordpress.COM.

    Had you read the stickies, you would have seen this:

    You do not control the software or the database; FTP and shell access are not included.

  5. By the way, regarding the FTP file, what would I type in the username and password? Do I have to register? Where? Thanks.

  6. We do not have FTP access here, which is what Vivian said.

  7. Oh I see.. what should I do now? I wanted to change the theme of my WP.

  8. You get to choose from the themes in your dashboard.

  9. Go to your Dashboard (via the admin bar at the top), go to Design, and you'll see the themes available to you here at

  10. I wanted a different WP theme. Is there any way(s) on how I can change my theme?

    I wanted to have this theme:

  11. I thought my statement was quite clear:

    You get to choose from the themes in your dashboard.

    If you want a different theme, go hire a host, download the wordpress.ORG software and get your theme. Because what you see in your dashboard is what you get at wordpress.COM

  12. You can stylize the themes here with the paid CSS upgrade, but that does not allow you to change the functionality of the theme. One word of caution though, there is no official support for the paid CSS upgrade, and few here in the forums that know very much about it, so it is recommended that you either study up on CSS via a good online tutorial and then try out your changes using the preview function provided here at wordpress.COM before you buy the upgrade.

    Search the FAQ's for "CSS" and it will bring up more information. Also, see the sticky post at the top of the CSS forum for some suggested tutorial sources.

  13. To:

    vivianpaige, andrew, thesacredpath... Thank you very much. I do appreciate your help. I hope I can be just like you guys. hehe ;)

    I'll explore wordpress to the best I can... wish me luck.


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