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I need help for changing custom CSS

  1. First of all, sorry for my mistakes. I don't speak too much english.

    I have bought credit to be able to change my CSS sheetstyle. I have made some changes in my custom CSS (Blix) with Dreamweaver and I can see them in the preview with Firefox. But when I copy and paste it in CSS Stylesheet Editor in wordpress, they don't appear. I'm not an advanced user, but I have made changes before -with success! ;)-, in the CSS Stylesheet in blogger. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help me, please?

    Thanks for all!

  2. A quick look at your CSS shows that you're throwing in a lot of non CSS stuff in there like javascripts and HTML comments. You need to take those out.

  3. The first change I wanna do is put a Flickr badge in the blog. I think it's in javascript. How can I put it without changing CSS?

  4. User inputed Javascripts are not allowed. It's a security matter.

    FAQ for reference.

  5. "I have bought credit to be able to change my CSS sheetstyle"

    So, it is necessary to buy credit to customise the template...?
    Is it also a requirement to have Dreamwawer og something like that?


  6. Have you searched the css customization forum to see if you could find an answer to your question there?

  7. Tt: If I send you e-mail now --will you read, reply?

  8. @poppy
    My husband wants to go to bed. If it's a quick thing I'll reply right away if not I won't risk divorce *lol* I'll answer in the morning, okay? I'm sitting in my yahoo account and waiting go for it.

  9. Uh...okay...don't wanna divorce on my head, but subject can't wait till morning. I'll deal with it myself and send e-mail later. Reply whenever you can. Thanks. 'Nite.

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