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I need help on email on domain settings

  1. Hi. I managed to map the domain.

    I need help on email on domain setting. I have the record A and MX mail from the domain provider but I'm lost with the support's example with all the DNS MX things. Please help. Thanks!

  2. Hi there,
    Try following the guides here please >

  3. If you post the A & MX info you were sent someone should be able to help you with the with the format

  4. @auxclass
    Good morning. :)

  5. Morning Morning @TT - just got back home - wet pavement coming back - 280++ miles safe back trip - snowed a bit going over but just slush

    Hope things went well for you and your family & friends

  6. @timethief
    I did tried, it doesn't really help.

    This is what the service provider replied:
    1. Create a record A for the name <> and point this to the IP <123.456.78.910>

    2. Next insert the <> (ie. the record A) onto the MX records

  7. Use the info from @TT to find the right screen - then try the records below - that is based on what makes my email work for my mapped domain name

    MX 10
    A mail 123.456.78.910

  8. It's working now. thanks much @auxclass (:

    @timethief the link you sent maybe useful, just that i don't how to interpret it. But, thanks for trying to help! (:

  9. I love it when a plan comes together

    you be welcome & good luck

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