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I need help placing an "About" link!

  1. Hi all, I love WordPress but I'm no good at CSS or anything like that. I do most of my posting from BlogDesk just to avoid this and HTML tags.

    One thing that drives me nuts about my Blog though is the lack of an "About" link. I just want one up the top of my page, or on the right where the rest of my links are. I think I could put one in the "Blogroll" section easily enough, but that's kind of messy and stupid.

    Can somebody help me out without telling me to go and spend 3 weeks learning CSS code?

    Thanks in advance!

    - Nuro.

  2. Nuro

    You don't need to learn CSS at all! :)

    You will need to use the editor, but if you go to "write" in your dashboard there's an option that says "write page".

    Make the title "About" and put whatever you want in there.

    THis will be known as a page and will always contain the static content that you specify. You can turn off comments too. The page will not disappear when you create new blog posts using blogdesk.

    I hope this helps!


  3. Thanks for your help Collin. It took me a while to figure out that once I'd used the page feature, I had to actually put a page widget on my sidebar to show the links but now that I know it's simple.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. =D This has been annoying me for quite a while.

  4. :o) I thought after I'd written the post above about adding the pages widget but figured if you needed help you'd be back to ask. Glad you got it sorted.


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