I need help pointing my domain to zenfolio!

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    My domain, http://www.hollybutlerphotography.com is registered with WordPress. I would like to point the domain to zenfolio and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do it!!! I’ve read through the how to’s and watched videos, but I still can’t get it right!!!

    I also have site5 as a host. I’ve asked them too…

    Please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is hollybutlerphotography.com.



    If you’ve registered your domain through WordPress.com and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.


    See, that’s the thing, zenfolio’s instructions specifically say not to change the nameservers and I can’t find what to type in, for their nameserver!



    I’m trying to point my wordpress domain to Godaddy and I’ve changed the nameservers and IP address and A host 4 times. It works temporarily but then changes back to my audience only able to view my wordpress blog. If you know of anything else I can do I’d appreciate it.



    Thanks for clicking this link https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1 and starting your own thread rather than hijacking this one because go-daddy and zenfolio are not the same.


    See if this guide from Zenfolio helps any: http://help.zenfolio.com/customer/portal/articles/408002-configuring-your-custom-domain-using-godaddy


    Thank you for that!

    Ok, I’m signed in and looking at my domain details. Under dns manager, it says, “not hosted here”. For nameservers, it says

    Is site5 where I’m messed up? Do I even need them as a host?



    If your new host is site5 – then the WordPress.com name server settings will mess things up – you should only point to where your blog is actually hosted


    Apparently, I don’t need a host other than zenfolio. I will be canceling site5. I just changed the nameservers back to WordPress… I think? I’m so confused (obviously lol)… I’ve really tried hard to figure this out on my own, I’m sorry! Thank you for the help so far!!!


    I’m having the exact same issue. I can’t figure it out!


    gah! I still can’t get it figured out! Let me know if you get it resolved!


    I will! I’ve emailed both wordpress and zenfolio. Between the 2, someone has to know how to do it. There has GOT to be a BETTER way!



    I just sent some time over at Zenfolio – They use A records and C records see the links below that I got over there



    They do have live chat – they gave me the above info – the email for help is ( support (at) zenfolio.com )

    I think the change should work with the system here (WordPress.COM does have some A Record & C Name limits)

    I will also flag this for the staff to review things in case there is a problem with what can be done here

    Good luck


    Thanks @auxclass. I got this response from Zenfolio through email:

    Zenfolio is not a domain registrar or domain host, so you will need to keep it hosted with your current registrar or transfer it to another domain host. This will allow you to host the domain on your registrars nameservers. After which you can have it point to your Zenfolio website.

    Please see the following link for a video walk-through on how to point your custom domain over:

    In any case, when your domain is hosted, to break it down:
    You need to have only 1 A Record, and it needs to point to our IP Address, so it will look like:

    Host: @ Points to:

    (for some domain registrars, it looks like Host: yourdomain.com Points To:
    (or Source: @ Destination:

    and the CNAME should read exactly:

    Host: www Points to: custom.zenfolio.com

    (for some domain registrars, it looks like Host: http://www.yourdomain.com Points to: custom.zenfolio.com)
    (or Source: www Destination: custom.zenfolio.com)

    **Please note that you need to type the word “custom” in the CNAME destination, do not replace this word with your username.

    After you make this change, it can take up to a full 48 hours for things to resolve properly, so I would suggest checking back periodically by trying to add it into your Zenfolio Preferences…and if after 48 hours it still doesn’t resolve, please send me a screenshot of your A Record and CNAME section of your domain registrar account and I can take a closer look for you.

    Here is a link with instruction on how to take a screenshot if needed:



    Brian | Zenfolio Customer Support
    Visit our Online Help Guide


    Here’s the latest email from them:

    Hi ,
    Thank you for contacting us here at support. You are going to have to ask your domain registrar for help with this. You need top be able to point your domain name to Zenfolio. Keep in mind that every domain registrar has their own interface, and some don’t allow you to make these changes yourself. If this is the case, or your interface is unclear you need to contact your registrar directly to have these changes made for you.
    You need to be able to change the Arecord and CNAME. If you cannot do this with them you will have to get your domain name hosted somewhere else like GoDaddy.

    There are 2 important steps in the process of setting up your own domain as your Zenfolio site.
    The first being, setting an A-Record and/or CNAME in your domain registrar and the Second being logging in to your Zenfolio PREFERENCES and indicating your custom domain there.


    Ha! I’ve been emailing brian back and forth for the last 15 minutes! He took the time to break it down for me, but I still couldn’t get it to work. I sent him a screen shot and I’m waiting on his reply.

    thank you, auxclass!



    You be welcome & good luck

    I don’t have a domain registered here so I can’t look at my settings – I think that the name servers point to here then you change the A & C info here with the Edit DNS in the Domains section of your store – don’t know if you need to still have an empty blog to change some of the settings


    about zenfolio being a host, here’s a quote from their site:

    Zenfolio hosts your website and your photographs, but does not provide domain name registration services. If you would like to use a custom domain name you first need to register one with a domain registration company (for example GoDaddy, 1&1, Yahoo…).

    I am so confused. Thanks for updating me with your emails. I hadn’t refreshed my page yet when I sent my last.


    @auxclass, I’ve changed A and C so many times, I can’t see straight! lol! That’s a good point about having an empty blog. It’s probably the only thing I haven’t tried!


    I registered my domain name through wordpress (which is really a domains by proxy third party site I think…) WordPress has a “Site redirect” upgrade that you can pay $13 yearly for but I can’t see needing to pay THEM the money when we’re leaving all together. It doesn’t make any sense. I want to keep my wordpress blog but just change the .com to zenfolio. I’m going to flip a lid if this can’t be resolved easily by wordpress. I’ve asked them to do it for me.


    On that note, I’m heading off to bed. I hope we find answers soon! :) Keep me updated and I’ll do the same to you!

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