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    I am very new to all this, received an email from WordPress saying that my domaine mapping had expired. I renewed it using PayPal, but it is still telling me that I need to renew it. Also, I think that I need to renew the domain … but I don’t know how to do that! I’ve inherited this from an external company that used to be contracted to do all this, but is no longer working for us. This compounded with the fact that I’m new to it, is making everything very difficult and complicated. Any advice very much welcome!

    The blog I need help with is nuumedstackroom.com.



    Hi. I suggest you contact staff directly about this:


    I emailed WordPress yesterday about it, but have had no reply!



    You have several problems – you domain seems to have been registered with TUCOWS.COM acting for The provider information for nuumedstackroom.com:

    Fasthosts Internet Limited, (email redacted)
    +44.8708883760 (fax)

    You could also contact TUCOWS.COM and see if they can help.

    You need to renew with the original Registrar and they will probably want to deal with the people that registered the domain (the person you inherited this from) – you need to at a minimum need to contact the Registrar and see if they will allow you to shove some money to get the domain out of expired status and then you can work on getting the domain transferred.

    The domain registration is a different issue than the domain mapping. I would work fast on the renewal problem so the domain does not go away.



    Please be patient while waiting for Staff to work their way through the support ticket and get to yours and reply to it. They respond to those with the earliest dates first so don’t keep sending emails as doing so will only increase your waiting time.

    Upgrades for domain mapping are annually renewable and we do get plenty of warning. A warning is posted on our dashboards about 2 month prior to the renewal date. Another one appears 30 days prior to the renewal date. Google prefers domains that are not going to expire quickly, so I just renew when I get the 60 day notice. There is no guarantee you will be able to secure the domain name again. Once a Domain registration expires it goes into Redemption and will cost more than normal to renew. In some cases, it’s possible to pay an additional $80 fee to the registrar to recover the domain from redemption. That fee is in addition to the normal renewal fee.

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