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    The fresh and clean theme has changed and now any content that was on the original theme is now not aligned. I have been asking what has happened several times and no one is answering me. They keep asking for a screenshot. GO INTO THE THEME AND SEE THAT IT HAS CHANGED – THERE IS AN OPTION TO NOT USE THE ORIGINAL CCS. Can someone get me the code for the original CCS before the changes were made that is making my website look like crap?

    The blog I need help with is synchronicity.cc.



    OMG! You are SHOUTING! into the faces of those who are here to help. Turn off that cap locks key now please.



    This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you.


    Excuse me, but I have been asking for help for days and I have been directed to this forum several times, and continually asked the same thing – we can’t see the problem, upload a screenshot and it’s probably your browser.

    I am shouting because I have been asking for help for 5 days and you have done nothing to help me except the above. It is not a browser issue, you changed the Theme and now it is causing my website to look terrible. This is costing me business.

    The issue is you made changes to the theme and one of the new features is pixels and the second is to ignore the original CCS, but what that did was CHANGE the original CCS so that it is not the same width as before.

    Your customer service has been atrocious. I have been asking someone to email me instead of using the forum – which is what I got for service the last time I had a problem because I have 2 premium accounts, but now I am forced to go to the forum. If this continues, I am cancelling everything on wordpress.

    I am a consultant who has over 150 small business clients who have to select a service like wordpress or one of your competitors to put up their website. If you don’t start treating me like a premium customer and acknowledge there is an issue, I will no longer recommend wordpress.

    I also want the name of your manager right now and their email address. Because you are a customer service person and you should not have spoken to me in the way that you have especially if you have viewed my history on this forum.

    if you move this thread to the CSS forum, I will cancel my worpress subscription on Monday. Give me your manager’s name now.


    If you are not a worpress employee, then I don’t want to talk to you. I am a premium account holder and I want help from a wordpress associate. I never asked for another member to help me. I want someone from wordpress and I can’t find another way to contact them.



    I am a Volunteer and this is a peer support forum. I already tagged this thread for Staff intervention and there’s no more that I can do for you.
    However, do note the fact that you have paid for upgrades on your blog as I have paid for upgrades on both mine means that you can use this link to contact Staff directly http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    http://synchronicity.cc/ seems to be fine to me, here’s what I see: http://d.pr/i/g5u4/1AZQYlBU

    Were you expecting something different?

    If that’s what you were expecting, but you aren’t seeing that yourself, please try clearing your browser’s cache: http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/


    @synchronicitycc, I am looking into this issue for you. Just to document the problem, I found the following image which you uploaded to your media library which shows what’s happening:

    It appears that was taken using Firefox 20 on a Mac. Can you confirm?

    I just checked with several different browsers, and I was unable to reproduce the problem shown in your screenshot. Is the issue still happening for you on your computer even if you try clearing your browser cache as macmanx suggested?

    To any other volunteers who see this, if you have a second, would you mind checking http://synchronicity.cc/ to see if the text falls off the content on the right like it does in the image above or if it looks normal to you?


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    I looked at the site in Safari, Firefox, and Opera. It looked fine in all three browsers. Note that I’m using a laptop with an older version of OS X so the browsers are not the most updated.


    @1tess, thank you so much for checking it! It looks good to me too, so either it’s fixed already or the problem is isolated to @synchronicitycc‘s location—which would understandably cause some of the frustration that’s happening. I’m still looking into it, and thank you to anyone else who has a minute to check to make sure http://synchronicity.cc/ looks good.




    I also checked using Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The text stays neatly wrapped in the center column.


    @gregwp, thanks for checking it!!

    Also, just wanted to leave a quick note today to say I’m getting some additional help from our developers today to research this issue in more detail.

    Thank you for your patience, @synchronicitycc!


    The original bug that caused the CSS settings change for a small subset of users has been fixed. Anyone still seeing problems should re-save their Custom CSS to fix everything. Also see https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/site-broken-we-didnt-touch-our-css-but-wpcom-changed-theirs?replies=18#post-1258780