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I need help to change blug url address back to original that I have another blog

  1. runningfrommyheart

    I am back working on my blog. I wonder if you or someone else could please help me again.

    I currently own the wordpress url "runningfrommyheart". I changed the name and url to "shiftstorm". I want to change them back to have the url address "runningfrommyheart" and the same blog title name.

    I have 600+ followers to the "shiftstorm" url address. How do I keep the runningfrommyheart blog AND these existing followers/hits, but just change the url address back to runningfrommyheart.

    I have tried several things, and am totally confused now.

    Please advise, asap,
    Blog url:

  2. The first thread you posted into is flagged for Staff attention. Please return to that thread and note that it's the weekend so you will have to be patient while waiting for Staff to respond.

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