I need help understanding widget placement!

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    Hello! I’m pretty new to WordPress, so I have a question about the widget placement. When I pick an available widget and drag it into position (i.e. a sidebar, footer, etc.), in many cases nothing happens. The Main Sidebar, Footer, and Top work fine, but I have no idea where the Left/Right/Middle Home or Gallery are located on the blog – nothing shows up for any of those. Is this related to the particular theme I have selected, or is there some other problem going on?


    The blog I need help with is theresmytwocents.wordpress.com.



    Hey there,
    If you are referring to http://theresmytwocents.wordpress.com/, I am seeing widgets on your pages. Widgets are cached so they make take a while to show up.

    Here’s a link about widgets that might be helpful:




    I have several set up for the Main Sidebar, and through experimentation I know the Footer and Top work, too. What I can’t figure out is where a widget (say, the Calendar widget) would show up on my blog if I put it into the Left/Right/Middle Home or Gallery positions. I’ve done that, but nothing ever appears on the blog itself. My only guess is that the particular theme I’m using doesn’t support those positions, but I haven’t found anything to confirm that or provide a better answer.



    What is the URL of your blog?



    Here is the detailed theme description

    Responsive includes four widget areas aside from the Home template widget areas. A primary sidebar widget area, a gallery sidebar widget area that only appears on image attachment pages, a footer widget area, and a header widget area can all be customized in Appearance → Widgets.

    All, widgets are installed here > Appearance > Widgets
    Note: Widgets now have “visibility” settings so we can select which pages they display on. See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/#widget-visibility


    Okay, so the Left/Middle/Right Home widget area doesn’t apply to this theme, thus nothing shows up when I put it there. That link also explains the Gallery area, too.

    Perfect, thank you!!!

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