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i need help with blockquote

  1. Freaking genius you are finding out about textareas! Oh, it's me Nosy. But I tested it out on my site for myspace layout codes and the text area code thing doesn't work for that. :( The < style type = text/css > code gets stripped and screws up the code and adds P's. But it does make the scrollbar! So for myspace layout code, I'll stick with making them into text files. Hey, it took me months to learn how to put glitter on images while it took you nine days for this!

  2. bloggersanjida

    @mymyspacelayouts cum nosy,

    thanks for the appreciation!
    i mean it!
    after many many late lunches, sleepless nights, wrong leads from my part and many helpful hints from others - and several sarcastic comments in the forum in two threads (due to my newbie obssession with codes) - i am savouring all your kind remarks.

    and er, actually, the 'genius' part needs some correction. It was Mark's suggestion. earlier on the thread you will find a link that mark provided via an email to me. when i followed the link
    i found about the texarea "inadvertently". you see i don't even remember discovering it. all i remember is there was this 'code' tag in the second box and i somehow confused the textarea in the first box(?) with the 'code' in the second box.

    but, it was a happy accident, i suppose. that way i learned how to show code without a box (by using 'code' tags) as well as within a box (by using 'textarea' tags).

    thanks again!
    happy code-hunting!

  3. We were all newbs at this and I've banged my head on the computer for hours on end trying to figure out things. Remember that Google is your best friend. Ask it questions and you can usually find the answer.

  4. Granted but I really don't see this thread as having anything to do with it's original title [i need help with blockquotes] or anything to do with blogging in particular. IMO this has not been a "support" thread for a long time and ought to be moved to the off-topic forum.

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