I need help with from CSS expert for Writr Theme

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    Hi, I need help with customising my blog. I want my background image to start at righthand edge of my sidebar and spread to the far right of screen. i.e.: Amend the black column between the sidebar and pages so it has some of my background image in it instead of just the black colour. Is it possible? How exactly can it be done?

    The blog I need help with is tasmanianstoryboardgroup.com.



    Hey there !

    The funny thing is that the image is already there, it is covered by a black background. If you want to remove it, use this code, it should work well.


    You also need to put an image, or it’ll look a little weird if you don’t !

    Hope this helps.


    Hey, many thanks francisbob. Will give it a go. Will let you know.



    Cool, keep me posted !


    It worked on my home page. Many thanks.
    I have two more questions if that’s OK.
    Your code doesn’t work on the Pages which are added to my sidebar. i.e.: About Me, Services, Portfolio etc. They still have the black column.
    Question1: What code do I write for those pages?
    Question2: My page called “Portfolio” is exactly that; made from the “Portfolio” section rather than as “New Page” (I guess they’re both are a type of page). I did this so could include Chapter words above the five groups of images. My question is this: Is there any way I can make Portfolio a slideshow in this mode without making it a widget? The portfolio run-through kind of looks a bit boring at the moment.



    My bad, I was being too specific..!


    That will be more global, replace the old one by this code.

    You could insert a slider gallery, you can find an example here : http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/


    Yep, that worked well. Am just about to check out slider gallery example.
    Thanks mate. A great help!!


    It has all worked out well.
    Thanks very much.
    My final question; I promise:

    How do I get my head shot in the sidebar to go back to circle image?


    Have now sorted this.
    Thanks for all your help.



    Happy it to help.

    Looks good :)

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