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I need help with making a list with images

  1. I have two blogs, in which I used the Rubric theme, where I managed to have a list with the image of an arrow in the sidebar,
    and when I try to do the same at my other blog,, with the K2 theme, it won't work.
    I am not good at CSS at all and really need the help.
    I have purchased a CSS supplement for both blogs.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Do you want every item on the side bar to have an arrow or just a specific group (like you have it on your 'bloggininparis' blog)?

  3. devlog, just a specific group.
    What I did in blogginginparis, on the advice of was to add this to the stylesheet

    ol.arrow {
    list-style:square url('');

    Then on a post, or in the sidebar, all I have to do is type
    <ol class="arrow"><li>1st item</li> etc. to get my list with arrows.
    I tried this in vieuxcestmieux, it used to work on, but not any longer here on
    Now when I do this, I get an ordered list with numbers.

    I guess it has to do with the template, which I wouldn't like to change because I like the rest of it.

  4. Your CSS class definition won't work because you're applying your style to an ordered list. For your arrows to show up, you need to apply your style to an unordered list. Use the

      tag instead.


  5. @devblog
    Do you mean <ul> and </ul> tags?

  6. deleted duplicate

  7. Thanks, devlog and timethief! It's working! It had occured to me but the weird part though, is why it's working on
    I won't touch it, though. Don't fix it if it ain't broke ;)

  8. TT,

    Yes, that's right... I didn't realize that the freaking tags were rendered. Thanks! :D


    Glad it worked :)

  9. @devblog
    No problem - I caught it. ;)

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