I need images and text on new page- help

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    I’m pretty new to the whole blogging world but i’ve gotten a lot figured out so far! BUT I have been trying to make a page since what I want on there is not time related and i’d like to have it up all the time for people to refer back to.

    Here is my problem though…I need to have an image (note- these are all makeup brushes to be posted individually with description) and then either under/next to I need a few lines of text. I have tried all different ways and it just looks crazy! Is there a way to have maybe ALL the pics on 1 side and type next to so it looks a little more organized? I’ve posted and deleted it so many times now and I can’t waste anymore time! Ideally I want it to look kind of like this…

    ________________ this would be the type about the image on the left
    ________________ and have it all lined up NICELY!!

    _______________ This would be the next image, etc. I forgot to mention
    _______________ that I have tried the alignment button when I upload
    _______________ the image but it still looks really strange when you

    _______________ look at the whole page!!

    Please let me know if you have suggestions to fix this!! OR if you can suggest a very easy to work with/ user friendly theme that would work/look better than this for what i’m trying to do. Thanks so much!!

    The blog I need help with is jabsmakeupbag.wordpress.com.

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