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I need my IMAGES to adjust fit and not extend into the side bar

  1. Someone please help. Almost every image i upload is too big and is cut off on the side bar. It is very laborious resizing every picture so that it fits correctly.

    Can someone tell me the code to write in order to make the images automatically size themselves to fit into the blog properly?

    Or, at least, how to move the sidebar over to the right?

    It would be very helpful if i could make the entire blog margins a little wider, but I am unsure if this is possible with the Contempt theme.

    Right now i've only minorly adjused the post margin as follows:

    .post {

    My blog is

    Someone please help! Do you know the proper code to solve this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. there are some themes which help you resize photos automatically to fit, such as albeo. you may want to consider switching themes?

  3. Let's say I don't want to change themes. Any help?

  4. if you don't want to change themes, you can adjust the size of one photo to fit the posting width of that theme, then copy the measurements from html mode when you are editing the post and adjust the figures of all your other pictures that way or to similar size. it would be very inconvenient and it might also prevent the picture from being able to do the 'click for larger image' thing.

    i'm afraid i do not know the css solution for this, but i hope someone who does can help you with it.

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