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I need my subscribers moved to Jetpack

  1. blondeonabudgetca

    I recently moved my blog over to a self-hosted site. I installed Jetpack and now I need my old subscribers moved over to it. My new host told me to contact WordPress Support and ask them to do it but I can't seem to find a way to contact anyone. Thoughts? Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide both URLs and Staff will transfer your email subscribers from your blog to your install for you. Note: Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

  3. blondeonabudgetca

    Thanks for your reply. Are these the two URLs you mean: (old) (new)

    No worries about losing the WP readers.

  4. Thanks your for the URLs. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to make the transfer for you. :)

  5. Hi,

    I've transferred the subscribers as requested.

  6. blondeonabudgetca

    Thank you so much!

  7. You are quite welcome - have a great day!

  8. blondeonabudgetca

    Hi again,

    When my readers get email notifications for any new comments, and try to click the "Reply" button in their inbox, they are getting an error saying the browser cannot find "".

    I'm not even sure where they would be getting that URL from... maybe it's something I can fix in Jetpack but I thought I'd find out if that was a result of moving them over and if that could be changed or not.


  9. Coffeemanmatt,

    Can you please shift my subscribers as well? From to Thanks in advance!


  10. I also need my subscribers moved.. would be so helpful! I have been trying to do this for a couple of weeks.

    When my site was on it was the same url as now ( Same website, but now it is on
    Also,does this transfer any followers to the blog?

    Let me know and thank you in advance!

  11. As I stated above in this thread Staff will transfer your email subscribers from your blog to your install for you. Note: Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

  12. I just read that the followers can't move over.. so is there any way to update those followers to somehow have them sign up on my new blog.. how do i message them..
    thank you!!

  13. There is no other way that Staff or Volunteers can assist you with those followers using the Reader.

  14. Ohh.. so we just lose them? Ok... too bad! But thank you for the response! very helpful..

    I will await staff to help with my email subscribers..

  15. blondeonabudgetca, I am sorry that your thread was hijacked. These folks have been helped elsewhere in their own threads.

    What do you have set for your blog's two URLs (Site URL and WordPress URL) at Settings -> General in your blog's Dashboard?

  16. blondeonabudgetca

    No problem, macmanx! They are both set to - is that wrong? My host provider set it up for me.

  17. That should be fine, and that's what we have on this end too. Which version of Jetpack are you running?

  18. I need to have my email followers transfered to my new self-hosted site. I have Jetpack installed and it's all link up to the old site. Here are the urls: [old site] [new site]


  19. We're working on an issue with blondeonabudgetca in this thread, please start your own:

  20. Oh.. and sorry for hijacking the thread blondonabudgetca. Just saw that post above. I'll create my own thread.

  21. Thank you!

  22. blondeonabudgetca

    I'm running 1.8.3.

    My other issue is that, last weekend, coffeemanmatt said he successfully transferred all of my email subscribers over. Unfortunately, none of them are receiving emails with new posts yet. Should it be taking this long?

  23. Hm, it seems like the transfer failed.

    I have done it again, and it looks successful this time.

    Also, please upgrade to Jetpack 1.9 (released today).

  24. Transfer Email Followers Support Request

    FROM: 1052 followers from hosted blog at

    TO: self-hosted to running Jetpack 1.9.2

    pls confirm request.
    Many thanks!!

    ps. love the title "Happiness Engineer"

  25. I have transferred your followers as requested.

    In the future, please create your own thread:

  26. MacManx - thanks - Checking the widget it only shows 1 subscriber right now.

    How long to wait to see them show up?

  27. They will eventually show, the list isn't updated in real time.

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