I need phone sales or support. Any exist?

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    I have questions about upgrading that I can’t find answers. Doesn’t wordpress have sales reps somewhere? Is there anyone to speak with – ever? I’m also having different problems with 2 blogs, in 2 different accounts – can’t find answers or help (one person offered help but it wasn’t the problem, thank you). The problems with the blog are becoming frustrating. Anyone? Help?
    Blog url: http://celticfarms.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is celticfarms.wordpress.com.


    It would help if you would stick to just one thread per topic and not post to several. And please understand that the questions on these forums are mostly responded to by volunteers so you have to be patient and wait til one is around who can help you. |We volunteers are from different countries and different time zones and aren’t always on hand when exactly when you might need us.

    You have a profile here on the forums, if you click the word (‘member’ or, sometimes because of a bug, ‘inactive’) below your username it will show you your profile with the list of your topics. Here are yours:


    On one of them, you’ve said: “Hi again. On celticfarms I was able to delete a family affair, so one problem fixed.” So, if you were able to do that, what is your current query? What is the URL (web address, beginning http:// ) of the blog you want to delete that you’re still having problems with?

    As for contacting support, please read this:




    Thank you for your response, absurdoldbird. The problems have been fixed on both my personal and business accounts. Hooray!
    Just want you to know, I’m not frustrated with folks like you trying to be helpful (and it is still a thrill for me to have contact with people from around the world). My frustrations lies with companies relying on forums to do what seems to be the company’s job, rather than employing people. Also, its not always an efficient way to resolve issues, among other things, one can only deal with one issue at a time (you”re feedback on that is correct and accepted). All instead of having human interaction with a person who is getting paid to help, maybe an hour with hold time, and being able to answer other questions and/or trouble shoot on the spot. — That is where my frustration lies, not with you nice folks. The automated systems were such a great thing until they started taking away too many jobs. I’m getting to be so clear about this I tend to boycott automated phone systems and press whatever key needed to get a live person (even if it means taking a little more of my time – I want people to have jobs, around the world). Thanks again for you feedback and help. It is appreciated. Kathy in Northern California in the Sierra Foothills.



    Free hosting doesn’t have a budget for paid 24/7 realtime support. That’s more what you can expect for places with paid hosting at $120 a year or so.

    Some people like myself do offer paid WordPress.com phone support, but in general if you can summarize your problems quickly you’ll get faster answers by posting in the forum.



    Thanks raincoaster. Yes, I understand its a free service, however, Attomatic is still a profitable company (not in the billions like some companies, but still doing well.) I’d like to see more business employ people whether the service they offer is free or not. Also, I don’t expect 24/7 support from ANY business, but I do expect to be able to get ahold of someone in a company during their business hours. And I was willing to pay to get support but couldn’t find a place where it said phone support was part of the paid service. If there is none with a paid account, I won’t be buying an upgrade from wordpress. —- I am, however, happy to pay someone for phone support. What are your fees? Lets say for 30 minutes of tutoring.



    In 30 minutes you won’t learn much. I do full-day workshops for $400, or spaced out over ten weeks for the same price.

    For specific questions the price is less than for just an hour of my time, and it’s less if you pay monthly for phone support. If you literally want just one hour by itself, that’s $100 and hardly worth it. If you want six months of ten hours monthly phone support, that’s a flat $2000.



    Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.



    Another thing to keep in mind is that these forums have been around for 6 years and most every question you can think of has been asked and answered at some point. The Support documentation is excellent as long as you keep your search to a couple of key words that are very targeted to your problem. There are also both online and offline resources that deal with WordPress in general and also WordPress.com to a lesser level. (Definitely check out http://learn.wordpress.com if you haven’t)

    But all of the above requires searching and reading and comprehending, which takes time and is something that seems not many people are willing to do. For most people a quick question to the forum sums up their willingness to interact with the system.

    Nice discussion and thanks for bringing it up.

    (And as far as hiring a tutor, in my opinion each minute of dedicated time from someone like raincoaster is worth every penny. Prepare your thoughts and questions in advance to maximize it.)



    Thanks justjennifer. Its been fun to have a chat with folks, though this is not my medium for learning. Its not that I don’t want to put in the time researching subjects, there are just too many things I’m dealing with that have a learning curve, lots of researching, like the blog, FC, webpages for my small businesses, and then I do have my day job:) ncatprogram.org . It can be frustrating to have to stop a project and spend time looking for, waiting for answers (though everyone was very helpful). And then, having some reading difficulties, it can be a sea of letters and endless links, and I get overwhelmed. But I think I’m starting to get the hand of wordpress, and getting pretty excited.



    My comment above wasn’t a criticism by any means, it was an observation. :)

    All the forum volunteers have experienced the learning curve here. It’s like anything else, one step and then another step and then another step.

    Best wishes.


    @celticfarms – I’m glad your current problems are resolved. And for what it’s worth, I agree with this: “My frustrations lies with companies relying on forums to do what seems to be the company’s job, rather than employing people” In my opinion, the ideal here would be that WordPress.com staff answer all the questions. However, that said, having had a few years’ experience of the forums myself, from both sides – as a total newbie asking the questions and later as a volunteer answering them – I know that this part of WordPress.com actually helps ones blog and oneself as a blogger, because along with what occurs in the forums comes the community that ones blog actually needs – regardless of whether it’s a personal blog or one associated with a business.

    So there are good things as well as bad to be said of a company that uses a Forum like this to help people instead of doing it themselves.

    Also – one other point – while it’s sometimes best to have someone who is paid to help, don’t you think that in the scheme of things having experienced people who want to help because they enjoy helping, as opposed to those who help because they have to (and might not even feel like it when they do) is often better?

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