I need some help with changing the background color of Ocean Mist

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    Hey everybody,

    okay, I’ve been browsing this forum for ages and messing around with css for weeks, so I guess I’d better ask. I know there is no official css-support, but there must be some smart bloggers here with five minutes of free time who may help me out. (No, I have not *yet* bought the CSS Upgrade and am only playing around with stuff in preview.)

    Although I’m not some css-guru, I’m used to changing the look of my myspace and other community portal profiles, so I thought doing two minor changes in the color-setting cannot be a big deal. But this WP css stylesheet is entirely different from anything I have ever seen!

    I use the Ocean Mist theme and I would love to have black post-background and sidebar background, with white or lightblue fonts. That’s all. I try to search for FFFFFF coz that’s white (the original setting) in order to change it to 000000 which – to my best knowledge – is the actual hex code for black, but to my ugly surprise the sytlesheet says “background-color:#000” and this should mean that the original background for Ocean Mist is black and not white… and this is, of course, not the case. How can this be? How do I change the background then?

    And how can I view actual icons going with the theme when they do not actually lead to a img link like normal css-stuff does but has a different format that cannot be opened in another window as a direct link? To be more exact, how can I view this /CSS/icons/calendar_view_day.png thing that is assigned to the background url-part? Can it be that this image overwrites the previously mentioned black-background rule? It’s not likely as if I erase it, the theme still looks the same.

    All in all, any concrete help is welcome, I know it must be sth simple and trivial, but my limited knowledge ends here.



    You need to purchase the package thing to save changes to your CSS.



    It's not likely as if I erase it, the theme still looks the same.

    I may be wrong, but from this it sounds to me as if you aren’t making the changes correctly. When you click on ‘View Stylesheet’, that brings up the underlying CSS code of the theme. But this is NOT where you make changes to the CSS code. Changes need to be added to the editing window that will override the theme stylesheet. So you can’t just erase something. You need to put in new code that says to ignore the original.

    Ocean Mist isn’t the easiest stylesheet to work with. I’m pretty sure that the background is an image, rather than just a colour, so that if you do replace it, you’ll either need to create new images in the right colour, or have it look very ugly.



    Ah, I had the feeling that I have chosen the most difficult theme to work with. The thing is that I only have three choices:
    – at least 500px width
    – page navigation
    – no date listed on pages
    … so the fourth thing I want – DARK – is almost impossible to imagine together with these three.

    Now the only thing I can hope for is (finally) some dark themes that fit the previously described criterion. :(((



    There are a number of themes that provide 500px in the body – take a look at this FAQ on how large the images can be http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/09/25/how-big-can-my-images-be/

    When you say “Page Navigation” are you referring to tabs at the top? Because all themes have page navigation. If the tabs aren’t a part of the theme, then you simply add the pages widget to your sidebar.

    As for dates on pages – I thought that was fixed on all of the themes a while back.



    Oh, and if you are going to play with CSS, just about any theme can be made dark.

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