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I need some voters and comments please

  1. eastlondonmike


    I am a new blogger. I am writing a piece on Baby Peter and the news that the Children's Director for Harringey London has won her appeal against being sacked. Please visit my site to vote in my poll so that I can gage public views on this issue.

    Thank you so much

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am a Canadian. What value can votes from those who are not even UK citizens have?

  3. eastlondonmike

    I'd still welcome your views. If you want to read the story you should be able to find reports on google

  4. You asked for this so remember that. I am a retired paralegal. I have worked in the courts as a Judicial Assistant, Clerk of the Court and a Justice of the Peace.

    The high court ruled that Ed Balls – children's secretary at the time of her dismissal – had failed to give Shoesmith the opportunity to defend herself from criticisms in a specially commissioned Ofsted report. Balls used the report to support his dismissal of her at a live TV press conference in December 2008. In its ruling the court said: "She was denied the elementary fairness which the law requires." The court also upheld her appeal against Haringey council, which formally sacked Shoesmith a week after Balls removed her. The ruling said the council's procedures were "tainted by unfairness".

    I don't a flying fig what the hopped up rabble in the UK or elsewhere in the world think or what their votes are, because they are not qualified to make any judgment at all. If they were qualified then they would be in a position to be called to the Barr and to be appointed as Judges.

    It's my also strongly held opinion that those news chaser bloggers who and use polls to encourage ignorant people (lacking knowledge) to flap their gums and vote on matters like this are not doing anyone a service.

  5. Wow... because I work in the legal system as well I can't describe how much I hate most discussion of legal cases - especially criminal. Participants in these debates/discussions rarely have all the facts, or in some case's (Like CNNs Nancy Grace) deliberately misrepresent in order to stoke outrage and thus ratings...

    As TT pointed out in the above case, it appears to have been decided based on issues fundamentally unrelated to the particular facts of the child case...

    I'm not saying discussion of criminal or civil law is inappropriate - but its is rarely useful when focused on a narrow slice of a particular case.

  6. I knew there was a reason I didn't go to law school...............

    You've all just done my head in!

  7. wordwatchtowers

    TT is correct. Much discussion of this issue has been obfuscated by sensationalism and misleading reporting. There seems to be a perception that the judges exonerated Sharon Shoesmith of responsibility. They did not and made no judgment on the matter. As one of the judges stated:

    "This is not to say that I consider Ms Shoesmith to be blameless or that I have a view as to the extent of her or anyone else’s blameworthiness. That is not the business of this court."

    The judges were required to decide if the proper procedures had been followed before she was sacked. It is hard to argue against their learned conclusion that they were not. As the judge noted:

    "Whatever her shortcomings may have been (and, I repeat, I cannot say), she was entitled to be treated lawfully and fairly and not simply and summarily scapegoated."

    The title of your post, 'Justice for baby Peter or Sharon Shoesmith?' sets up a false dichotomy: we should be glad to live in a country where the rule of law applies, resulting in justice for baby Peter and (not 'or') Sharon Shoesmith.

  8. eastlondonmike

    I feel I have to respond to your comments. I welcome your views. I don't have a detailed understanding of the justice system and will never pretend to.

    This subject is a hot topic in the UK at present. I only today read two letters that had been published in the London Evening Standard about the subject. One was calling for Sharon Shoesmith to donate any compensation she receives to a children's charity and that they found her smiles outside the court very uncomfortable. The other said that Ms Shoesmith deserved any payout she receives.

    Timethief: I'd like to say that the "rabble" may not have all the facts but I do believe we have the right to debate the issue especially if out tax money is going to be used for her pay out.

    I am writing the full piece now and have taken all the comments I have received on board.

  9. Discussion can be based on thin air. In the case of sensationalized and emotive reporting which in no way resembles investigative journalism is usually based on "hot air".

    Debate, on the other, is based on facts and issues alone and there are formal rule to follow so fallacious arguments are ruled out of order, hence, they do not distract from the facts and real issues. Please click this link to comprehend what I mean by fallacious arguments. >

    Once you have read that page I believe you will comprehend that most discussion that arises from sensationalized and emotive reporting, combined with lack of education and experience is what we read in political blogs daily.

    Sadly, what I have observed is that an ill-educated and emotional rabble have become so dumbed down that;
    they are not capable of distinguishing between investigative journalism and tabloid journalism;
    they are not capable of isolating facts;
    they are not capable of isolating which issues are before the Courts and which are not relevant;
    they rely on fallacious arguments eboked by sensationalized emotive tabloid reporting, without even knowing they are doing so because they do not know how to debate.

  10. @eastlondonmike
    I apologize, in advance, for any typos, etc.. I may have made above. I am visually challenged.

  11. @eastlondonmike

    What invigorating replies you've had about this topic. Kind of ironic that it's here in the Forums and not on your blog.

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