I need technical support to delete a blog without blocking the name of that blog

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    I have two Blogs named the same thing http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com and I need to have the one that doesn’t have the update grand opening announcement deleted. But if I delete it myself, it’s going to block the one that I have already with that name also because it will not allow any user to have that blog name. So I am asking technical support if they can please delete the one for me and make it so that I can still keep the other one that I’ve start with the grand opening announcement on it? I am building her the new site and Ruthanne Ray’s is her business name so I can’t change it. Thank you William E Bales (Admin)
    Blog url: http://williamebales.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is williamebales.wordpress.com.



    First of all, it’s not possible to have two WordPress.com sites using the exact same subdomain name. If you mean that one of them is insertnamehere.wordpress.com and using domain mapping to an existing domain like rutheanneray. com then that is possible.

    Second, if the second site is deleted, then it’s deleted. It doesn’t make any difference if you do it or staff does it. It’s gone and the address can’t be reused. Make the site private instead. That way it is blocked to both search engines and visitors. http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/privacy-settings/

    Sorry if I am misunderstanding the question.


    This is a copy of my manage blogs page. If you notice the listings of “RuthAnne Ray’s” and “My Blog 1” at the bottom, they both have the exact same address and they are both listed in my blog list as individual blogs.

    “Yes it is possible to have the exact same blog address but each one pointing to a different homepage.” So logic tells me that if both have the exact same address and I go to delete the bottom one named “My Blog 1” which is assigned to this address “http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/” then the server would automatically delete and block “http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/” from being used. Which means that if I want to keep the first one “RuthAnne Rays” from being deleted then an admin from WordPress has to go into my files and delete the one “My Blog 1” and still allow the second one “RuthAnne Rays” to use “http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/” address.

    This is the reason why I was needing to get a hold of a technical support person at WordPress to have them do this. The server should automatically rename the target frame to something like “My Blog 1 (2)” while being pointed to “http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/”, while as the normal “My Blog 1” was renamed as “RuthAnne Ray’s” with the same target frame “http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/”.

    This was not done on purpose, as I was waiting for slow internet connection to respond and didn’t know if the “click of the mouse” took or not and when I “clicked” again to find it, it said that the site ” http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/ ” didn’t exist. So I started over and made “RuthAnne Ray’s”. Then when I got done and went to check it by going to my manage blogs screen the list below comes up with both pointing at the same target.

    Investors Cookie Jar Primary Blog
    3 Posts 31 Pages 5 Comments

    Dashboard · New Post · Drafts · My 3 posts · Stats
    “RuthAnne Ray’s” 2 Posts 2 Pages 1 Comment
    (((((This one has the address of http://ruthanneray.wordpress.com/ ))))

    Dashboard · New Post · Drafts · My 2 posts · Stats
    Executive PPO Professionals 1 Post 23 Pages

    Dashboard · New Post · Drafts · My 1 post · Stats
    My Blog 1 Post
    ((( This one ALSO has http://rutheanneray.wordpress.com/ )))

    Thank you for your response.



    You have two blogs with different names – one is:


    and the other is ruthEanneray.wordpress…

    One has an E between “ruth” and “anne” and one does not.


    I was just about to post that. :)

    I suggestt you making the blog private and using it as a test blog and/or as backup blog,rather than deleting it. Deleted blog URLs here are not recycled. That’s why 3 warnings are given and why a vertfication link in an email that must be clicked is sent in order to accomplish deletion.

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