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    I’ve been using WP for 8 years now and stayed with the classic editor even when you first introduced Guttenberg. Now I’m creating a new blog and I’m losing it trying to figure out this block system (which I do NOT like) for posting. How can I put the new blog into classic editor? I have a free WP site so no plug-ins for me. HELP!



    Hi, no worries. We can switch you to Classic for now.

    Can you also provide feedback about what’s going wrong in the new editor? That way, hopefully by the time Classic is fully retired, we’ll have those things ironed out for you.



    Same here, please!

    When I want to write a new blog post or edit an old one, it is automatically in block editor.
    The little pop-up window asks me: “Are you ready to change to block editor?
    I click “cancel” – which should mean that NO, I do NOT want it – but that’s what I get anyway.

    Where do I change back to the classic editor?

    This is a problem with my newer blogs, one is http://andreagerak.home.blog




    Your site is currently set to use the block editor, so it will be enabled by default for new posts, and for old posts that were created in the classic editor, it will prompt you to convert that content into blocks.

    I have set that site to the classic editor for you now.



    Wonderful, thank you very much!



    Same for me, please. Block does NOT work for teaching seniors.



    Morning dctrmaxx –

    I’ve made the change so that your site is now using the classic editor again. You may need to sign out and back in to see the change. Write back if any other help is needed.



    Thank you so much! I’m teaching some senior citizen friends of mine how to WordPress, this is really helpful because everything is more “outlined” and “un-hidden.”

    You’ve made life better…after some time, I’ll see if I can transfer the principles to the block. Thank you!


    You’re very welcome, it’s no trouble at all! The block editor is still a work in progress and once everything is ironed out it will visually be easier for folks to put what they want on the page/post.

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